AGIAB – New 9-1 GCSEs


With GCSE Results Day rapidly approaching, and news of leaked papers and disqualifications circulating the news, many begin to question the format of our current education system.

My academic year is the first of the new 9-1 GCSEs across all subjects. The qualification now turning away from any coursework, and instead, focusing all measure of intelligence on a written exam. Opposition to the new grades claim the mark you gain is only based on your ability to recall facts or work out solutions under an extreme time pressure. Which does not accurately reflect a students’ knowledge of the chosen subject.

Exam boards have recently released statements describing their exams as “too challenging” forcing the pass mark into single digits. These revelations have highlighted the immense amount of pressure and stress put on young people before, during, and after taking their exams. Which in many cases can have knock-on effects, impacting confidence and self esteem massively.

Overall, the 23rd of August will be an emotional day for all young people across the UK. However as more people criticise the system, maybe future Results Days won’t be so dreaded.

* A quick update, I received 6 9s, 2 8s and a 7 overall. Very happy! – Sadie Hough