The Pros of Second-hand: Sustainability


Even on a rainy Saturday afternoon the beauty of our second-hand books illuminate the shop!
In celebration of all pre-loved pieces of literature, I am discussing an undeniably crucial positive of buying second-hand, their sustainability.

The fact that so many of the books on our shelves could have ended up at landfill is a great concern.
That’s why, at The Beaufort Bookshop, we promote our second-hand relics so heavily. In order to divert the ever-growing waste littering our planet 🌍
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Of course, there is also a certain charm to a second-hand book. Turning pages to find occasional scribbled notes in margins or an eloquently illustrated dust jacket demonstrate the unique magic and history of a second-hand text, which is something we want more and more people to enjoy.

With that pay us a visit and get lost in the world of literature, all whilst knowing you’re doing something to help sustain our planet!

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Another positive use of plastic at The Beaufort Bookshop was our Beaufort Brick Club this morning.
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