Elizabeth Wilhide: ECO


“Environmental building can be stylish and tasteful as Elizabeth Wilhide’s, Eco proves” – The Sunday Telegraph

In today’s world, where environmental issues such as climate change and fuel consumption are constantly circulating the news, books like Eco are becoming increasingly important and a must-have in any home.

This book focuses on every aspect of environmentally-friendly design, whether you are building a house from scratch or simply planning some home improvements.

Eco also represents the vast category of books that are used as political resistance, highlighting injustices and changes that need to made in order to save our planet for future generations.

This book also teaches the reader ways of making your home more energy efficient, so you can enjoy lower fuel bills. And seeing as our secondhand copy costs only £5 (RRP: £14.99), you could be saving just as much on bills as you are on the book!


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